No Hidden Fees!


There is nothing worse than seeing something on TV, going to order it (for $19.99), then getting to the checkout page and getting slammed with a $40 processing and handling fee! Seriously?!

Or when you go to purchase a plane ticket, and once again, when you go to checkout, all of the sudden a $100 fee has been tacked onto the total. I’m sorry, but there is nothing more frustrating than thinking that something is going to be one price when in reality it is 3 times as expensive as you thought.

Well, let me tell you that Bird Brother’s Moving and Delivery has no hidden fees!! We are 100% upfront about our pricing when you book with us. We understand that every penny counts, and we want to make sure our customers feel comfortable and aren’t surprised about anything that has to do with their move.

If you are moving soon, and are looking for movers with a moral compass, then look no further and fill out our Free Quote form for more details.

See you soon!