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8 Moving Tips for A Successful Move

Below we have outlined our 8 most successful moving and packing tips for moving to help you out on the day of your move. On this moving list, each tip is linked to one of our blog posts that will explain each moving service in further detail.

Moving Tip #1 Box everything!

Take the time to box everything up before the day of your move. This will allow us to keep a steady workflow meaning we won’t have to take as many trips to and from the truck, which will undoubtedly end up saving you money.

Moving Tip #2 Take your beds apart

If you can, go ahead and take your beds apart before the day of your move. Our movers are more than happy to take apart any bed in your home, but if you do it before hand then this allows us to move throughout your home at a steady pace which will end up saving you a few bucks in the long run.

Moving Tip #3 Put heavy items in SMALL boxes

This is one of the most important moving tips we can give you. The heavier an item, the smaller the box should be that it goes in. If you pile a load of heavy items in a large box, then you risk that box breaking, as well as the contents inside. By following this tip, it will ensure your items’ utmost safety.

Moving Tip #4 Don’t overfill BIG boxes

This tip goes along with moving tip #3. by filling large boxes with a ton of stuff, the more likely your things will be to fall out of the bottom of the box. Or, it could make your boxes extremely heavy making it easier for things to get broken.

Moving Tip #5 Empty contents from chests of drawers

Your dressers will be moved on dollies which means everything inside may shift around. By emptying the contents first; this will avoid possible damage to your items within.

Moving Tip #6 Box up small lamps and collectibles

Following this tip will ensure the safety of your most valuable, delicate pieces. Oh, and don’t forget to wrap each item well with newspaper or purchase some contact paper from a local hardware store.

Moving Tip #7 Invest in wardrobe boxes

We highly suggest using wardrobe boxes for your move. This will enable your clothes to stay looking their best. Ask us about our boxes for purchase or rent. Or, if you would rather not use wardrobe boxes, then plastic trash bags work just as well.

Moving Tip #8 Secure doors on furniture

Securing the drawers/doors on your furniture is highly suggested. If, by chance, you haven’t gotten around to doing this tip, then no worries. Our movers will be more than happy to take care of this step for you by wrapping your furniture in cellophane wrap to ensure no broken drawers or doors.