Don’t Forget The Details


When moving, one of the last things on your mind are the minor details that you don’t think about until you are moving your China hutch outside and all of the sudden the doors fly open and smacks you in the face. Well, that may not have happened, but it could. Either way you think to yourself, I should have bought that plastic stretch wrap when I had the chance.

I know it ends up being an extra expense when you are doing the move yourself, but it is so worth it and will avoid damaging your furniture. 
If you are wondering, yes the plastic wrap is included in our move. And, we also have these really cool over-sized moving bands which wrap around your furniture in order to secure the doors from swinging open. 
All in all, sometimes it’s a good idea to let that sales guy talk you into what you may not think you need. We are all about making your move easier. With that being said, if you need a little extra help, let us know by filling out this form.
We hope you have a great move!