Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes


I think it’s safe to say that boxes are pretty much a necessity to every move. Whether you purchase them or go to every local grocery store begging for any they are willing to give we all need them when it comes time to moving. And, when it comes to us personally, we always end up running out and having to go buy more!

Well, then it occurred to me that maybe I should invest in some good ones that I can store easily for our next move, or better yet rent some! Now, usually the ones you can rent are those plastic green ones you see on However, with Bird Brothers Moving you can also rent large wardrobe boxes as well! 
Why do you need wardrobe boxes you ask? Well, if you are anything like me then you value your clothing and wear it for many seasons because we all know things come and go back in style all the time. Anyway, using wardrobe boxes frees that space you may have used cramming all of your clothes in your car. Or it will free up some regular boxes you were planning on putting them in. 
However, our solution is to either purchase these boxes or rent them. This way your clothes get to stay hanging all together from one house to the next. And, the best part is your hangers don’t get all tangled and your clothes come out just as perfectly as they were put in. 
Good luck on your search for boxes! Let us know if you would like to purchase any from us!
Please contact us with any questions you may have about your big day.