11 Tips For Moving With Children


11 Tips For Moving With Children

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I’m pretty sure this photo says it all. Kids don’t ever really seem to do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. Now, we all know your kids are the best kids ever. However, when it comes to moving day for some reason kids get buck wild. I’m not sure if it’s because of all of the activity going on or the fact that they know something big is happening or just the uneasiness of change. But, I do know that the more help you can get the better. Being a family-owned business and having multiple children of our own we know how stressful moving with children can be. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips on moving with children.

1. Plan ahead. The more prepared you are the easier your moving day will go. That’s true with or without children, but even more so with little ones running around the entire time you are moving.

2. Ask for help. If you have family that lives close or super awesome neighbors and friends, don’t be afraid to ask for their help. Lord knows you will need it! Even if you ask them to watch your kids for a couple of hours, I promise it will be totally worth it.

3. Have something for them to do. This goes along with tip number 1, planning ahead. Have something for your kiddos to do on the day of your move. This could be as simple as, plopping your laptop on the floor and inserting their favorite DVD for them to watch, keeping out some of their favorite toys, letting them go to the neighbor’s house to play, etc.

4. Work while your kids are sleeping. If your kids are still at the napping age, then even better! You can get A LOT done while those little darlings are sound asleep. Take advantage and get busy during this time.

5. Hire help. If your little ones are at the toddler or younger and you can’t get a sitter. Then hire some movers to help your spouse get everything packed up and loaded into the truck while you watch the little ones.

6. Let your kids help you pack. Put your little ones to work. I promise they will love it, and feel so responsible and like a big kid. Let them pack a box of pillows and blankets or towels. Or, let them carry some of those non-breakable items to the truck for you. Our son always feels like a big kid when we let him carry boxes to the truck.

7. Time your move. The timing of your move could make or break your move. And, I’m not just talking about the time of day, but the season as well. If you have school aged kids then it always helps (if you can avoid it) not to move during the middle of the school year. This may save you on some unnecessary drama

8. Pack one box of toys last. Make sure to pack one box of your children’s favorite toys before the day of the move, and remember not to tape it up 🙂 This way your little ones will have a go-to box to keep them busy while you are off doing other things.

9. Alternate entertainment. This goes along with getting a sitter, but you could always ask friends or family to take them to the movies, the park, or to the neighbor’s house for a few hours while you are getting everything ready. And, if you don’t have anyone then revert back to tip #8.

9. Make it an adventure. Moving can be fun for kids. It’s a great time for them to use their imagination and pretend they are going on a new adventure. Let them have an empty box and some markers and I promise you they will figure out the rest.

10. Give them tasks/responsibilities. If your kids are a little older, then feel free to give them tasks. They love having some responsibility and knowing that they got to help you move. Tasks can be anything such as: labeling boxes for you, organizing a drawer, packing boxes, etc.

11. Keep the moving boxes for toys. If you accidentally packed that toy box I told you about up at tip #8 then no worries! Just give them a couple of empty boxes and let them do the rest. I promise they won’t let you down.

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